Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Faith like a child

A couple weeks ago I was reading an article about a prayer wheel. It's this big round thing with an intricate design that runs around the whole thing. You follow the design and it takes you about half an hour or more to get to the end, it really depends on how fast you want to go. It's supposed to be for prayer and meditation.

Well, one of the 'churches' in my town rented it for people to use, imagine, renting out prayer, and a local news paper had done an article about it. It had a picture of two young girls walking the circle and they looked to be having a good time. They were quoted to say "this is fun, were praying!"

Now people, the prayer wheel is not Christian, so this is bad.

I read it to my dad, and told him how sad it was. Those two girls were told by their parents that if you walk the wheel, your praying. He said that almost all five year olds can't really understand prayer, though. Even if your Christian. When I told him I prayed all the time when I was five, I could tell he was doubtful.

After I got to thinking about it, I was better at prayer when I was five then I am now at sixteen. I talked to God all the time, about everything! I didn't have to go on my knees and make myself to feel small and unworthy, I just talked to Him. I would tell Him hi and how I felt about things, ask Him to heal someone. I would pray we wouldn't have such and such for dinner, and if we did I would pray that I could choke it down. I would have a conversation with Him as if He were an old buddy of mine. Now realize I didn't pray out loud, most of the time it was in my head. But He was all to real to me, I never doubted for a moment that God created everything and that He listened to me.

Now, looking back at it all, I wonder how I could have lost all that. How could I have forgotten

At five years old I had given Him the only thing that could please Him...faith.

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