Wednesday, January 24, 2007


I live by faith because, as a Christian, that’s the only way too live. I believe God is real and that He fulfills His promises, and fulfilled one by sending His only Son to be a sin offering on the cross for me.
Faith, the way the bible defines it, does not mean I can skip life, car or health insurance, that’s just living recklessly. Having faith does not mean I believe God will give me a life of ease and comfort, shielding me from the bumps and turns on the road, guarding me from hurt. No! It means God will test me, try me by fire, and purify me. My faith in my God is more precious to Him than gold. It is the only thing that pleases Him.

I live by faith by just believing in God. God says I will go to heaven because I believe on His son, I know I’m going to heaven when my time is up! I don’t have any physical evidence of heaven, I don’t have any proof beyond God’s word, but I believe I’m going there. Just because God says so. Faith isn’t something I muster up when I pray, willing myself to ‘have faith’ in God. Faith isn’t some sort of ‘power’ I have to perform miracles.

I live by faith just like Abraham lived by faith. God told Abraham that he would be a father of a great nation, and he believed. Even though he and his wife were far past the age of producing children, he believed that God would find a way. When God told him to kill his only son, the physical evidence of God’s promise, Abraham obeyed. He believed God would still know a way, he assumed that God would just bring his son up from the dead, because He keeps his promises. In the same way I believe and trust God. I have no fear of death, because God says that we will go to be with Him when we die, I have faith that He will keep His promise I don’t fear the devil because the bible says Christ has already defeated satan, I live by faith by believing that satan has no power over me. I live by faith when I obey God. If He tells me to give away all my money, I will. If He tells me to forsake everything and go deep into the jungle and share the gospel with a hostile tribe, I will. It doesn’t matter who or what stands in my way, I know it will come to pass, because He said so, and I have faith that God keeps His promises.

I believe that I am free from sin because Jesus died on the cross in my place. I don’t have evidence of it, I just have faith. I have faith that when the bible says, ‘obey on the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved’ it is the truth. I have faith that Christ came down to be a man and suffered on the cross, bearing my sins, taking my punishment, and rose from the dead and ascended into heaven, and that ALL I have to do is believe on Jesus, and what He did for me, and be born again, to be saved. I don’t have any evidence of that, I just have faith.

God told me that, so I believe.

My faith essay for Awana, 300 words or more. This is what faith is and how it is in my life, short and sweet.

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