Friday, February 23, 2007

Beware the Homeschoolers

Beware the homeschoolers...

My best friend, Sara, when she started going to public school in junior high, said that people think, when they see a hommescooler, you're either very stupid and know nothing, or your a brainiac who wins all the chess tournaments. Sigh.

the first time I watched this little film, I couldn't believe it...because it's true! There is so much prejudice against homeschoolers it's actually a smidge amusing; Andrew, a fellow homeschooler, said that one time, when he told someone that he was homeschooled, they said,

"Oh, I'm sorry."

All I did was smile.

I don't think kids who go to public school really understand or experience the brows raised in judgement when you don't know the answer to a questions they think you should know, when you fail at something. A while ago my cousin asked me if I knew at what temperature water freezes. I told him no. He asked, 'why not?'

What do you mean 'why not?' Seriously. If someone says they can't bake a cake, do you ask them, 'why not?' ? If someone says they don't know the answer to 2+2, do you ask them 'why not?' ? Of course you don't, you give them the answer. I may not know at what temperature water freezes, (don't worry-- I do now) but do YOU know how long a Luna moth stays in it's cocoon until it's ready to emerge? Do you know how long it takes until your tadpole's tail gets smaller and smaller and then it turns into a frog? Do you know how to place a tomato plant in the soil so it's root grows sturdier?

Do you know what it feels like to cradle a songbird in your palm, feeling the tiny, incessant flutterings of it's heart, and then to throw your hands up to the sky and feel it's weight disappear as it flies away?

I thought so.
Why not?

What are those people in schools teaching you? :)

You might have thought that this little film was that simple, but if your a honeschooler, you'll know better.

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