Tuesday, March 6, 2007

God....the great Designer.

While watching sunsets like that one…those are the times I am most in awe of God. God created that out of nothing, with His great imagination he made the one of the most beautiful things in the world, the sky.

Think about it…Everything we make is limited to what God has already created. We cannot ‘create’ anything!

If we make a purple alien, God already created the color purple. If it has eyes, God already created eyes. If it has skin, God already created skin…we can only copy what God has already made!

Yet God, in all His majesty and greatness created everything out of NOTHING! He did not build off of what was already there. He formed the honeybee’s wings, he molded the blossom on the cherry tree, He sculpted the trunk of the tree. With God’s limitless imagination he defined beauty and goodness. Anything that we attempt to make is always copied from what God has already created.

The fact just hit me a couple days ago…We cannot even imagine or comprehend anything beyond God’s creation…It’s beyond our ability to do so. Can you imagine forming the petal on the dandelion? Can you imagine creating clear, translucent ice?

Have you ever watched Star Trek? They try to ‘create’ aliens. Some are bulbous and fat, some thin, some others telepathic. Then there are those that are just shinning lights. God created bulbous, God created minds, God created light. It’s impossible for us to create anything original! God defined EVERYTHING at creation…

Thoughts like these hit me while just taking a walk, holding a bird. God made creation so exquisite and beautiful, it's absolutely amazing. Just picking up a piece of bark, looking at the grooves, all the different textures and hues. And then going deeper to it's cells and Atoms...God created the Atom, designed it to meet his needs. God created millions of organisms that all work together so perfectly it's amazing.

He created everything to harmonize, to work together in peace ,to be perfect...

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