Sunday, December 31, 2006

New Year's

Sitting here thinking about the New Year, everybody. I bet you can imagine the LaBrasseur family table, hmmm; steaming turkey with mash potatoes and gravy, sweet potatoes covered with a layer of brown sugar and marshmallows, corn, rolls…

Yeah right. We got pizza!---Papa Murphy’s ‘gourmet’ pepperoni and
Canadian bacon and pineapple---and my parents have just gone out for Chinese food, which, frankly, I don’t mind at all, I don’t much care for Chinese food. (Another thing you desperately need to know about me.) Very quiet New Year’s this time. We didn’t have any company this year. We don’t even have T.V. reception, so we can’t watch the ball drop! My mom got us big kids a movie to watch, and we have some martinellies.

Another thing, I love martinellies…And for everyone who does not know what they are, it’s not champagne, I’m too young to drink that, it’s just sparkling apple juice. Martinellies just sound, I don’t know, more sophisticated.

I’m going to have my picture up soon. Once people know what I look like, they can avoid me…It’s a little hard avoiding a name. They will see me coming from afar and think to themselves, “Holy goat hooves, good thing Lucy put up her photo so I know who to stay away from!”

--a-ha, a-ha--(My fake laugh, which I save for people who are trying to be funny, but aren’t really)

Well better get off yo tush, shuga’! You got things to get a doin’!

Toodles everyone.



sara said...

you are the biggest dork in writing history...but that probably adds to the piece. haha. Girl, that is so cute, i wish i had some pizza.
the only blog i have is on myspace and is no more than a song journal. i like yours, and seriously wish i could write as well as you do.
i love you, lucy.
<3 sara

puss-n'-boots said...

Thanks ;)