Monday, January 1, 2007

Eight reasons I don't share my faith

I thought this was hilarious...but also a little disconcerting. Why is it so hard to share our faith? I, too, wonder why I feel nervous about telling someone about Christ. I worry that I'm to young, that I don't know enough. Forgetting that all they need to know is that by believing on Jesus Christ, they may have life in His name. That's it. If you believe on Christ, our old self is dead and God makes us new. Another reason why I think people struggle with sharing the gospel is that they don't know the bible, so when someone asks a question, or strikes back with a verse out of context, they don't know what to say. And then some people take it way to far, they won't stop bugging the people about not being a Christian. I've read several letters in magazines about girls whose friend won't stop telling her that 'your going to hell if you don't become a Christian!'

It says in the bible that your lifestyle should be enough to let people know that God is Lord of your life, so that your words aren't empty. I think that is why there are so few Christians...We tell people to believe on Jesus, but our kids are not respectful, we're divorced and angry, impatient and sinful, and sometimes we are more broken then the ones we are trying to save. Our words are empty.

If I am a true Christian, there should be fruit to prove that. Nobody can act like a child of the world and say they are saved. If the Holy Spirit truly resides in you, literally, there will be fruit. We become dead to sin. What did Christ say to those he healed? "Go and sin no more." Sin no more.


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