Thursday, January 4, 2007

Greek Tragadies :(

Had Awana last night, and all this past week I've been up till the wee hours reading thoreau. I stopped when the letters started wavering. you know how it is, when the letters move so you just try to concentrate harder, then you realize that your brain is telling you to GO TO SLEEP!!!!

ughh...seriously, you can only read about how the sun glittered off the man's pond for only so long...But, thankfully, I checked out some Harvard classics from the library to spruce up my reading. Greek dramas are so messed up.

You see, there's this queen, Phaedra, and this king, Theseus. Theseus had a kid with the amazon queen, Hippolyt. His name is Hippolytus.

The godess Aphrodite is angry at Hippolytus because he 'spurns my spells and seeks no woman's kiss'. He's not into love. He rather worships Artemis, the godess of the hunt. Well, that makes Aphrodite upset so she makes Phaedra, Thseseus's wife, fall in love with her stepson, Hippolytus.

Phaedra's nurse finds out and tells Hippolytus about it, and he gets very, very angry..He's a man of virtue, see. But the nurse holds him to an oath he made,, so he won't kill Phaedra and he won't tell the king...I stopped there.

That's a pretty rough summery. And I borrowed a book of Harvard essays, to stretch myself a little. But after reading Emerson, It's intriguing, curiously so, to read material that jogges the brain. I find that after reading rich, complicated works, like Moby Dick, Jane Eyre, things like that, you develop a taste for it. I go to the teen section at my library and all the books seem so dry...'fluffy'.

Okay, done rambling...


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