Thursday, April 19, 2007


Ohmygosh. Chicks are so cute it is pathetic.

Our chick came in the mail yesterday.

I've come down with a nasty cold, so I was still in bed when my sister came in at about ten in the morning...she told me all about it---

"So I came into our room and kicked the bed to wake you up, but nothing happened, so I kicked it again. All you did was curl up tighter in your covers. So I yelled at you that 'The chicks are here!' You rolled over and took one of your earplugs out-"

She makes a squinty eyed face, her hand is up over her head holding an imaginary earplug

Yes. I wear earplugs every night of the year. My sleep is now that of the dead. (You can't hear anything...It's great!)

"took one of your earplugs out and said, 'What, the chickens are here?' And then rolled back over and fell back asleep. Then I was like, --She rolls her eyes-- 'whatever'".

Yeah...I'm a pretty sorry creature when I'm sick.

Chicks are so small and so cute you just want to hold them forever! We've finally figured out how to keep them warm, so they're not loud at all, all they make is contented warblings and cheeps. If your parents ever say you can't have chicks because they're too noisy, you'll know that if you keep them warm they aren't loud at all. The ones at Coastal are kept in big metal bins with only one heat lamp for sixty chicks! Of course they are going to be cold.

When you get them in the mail, you have to check their bottoms for plugs. Their feathers get all matted back there, and things get backed up, so they can die if you aren't vigilant. That's the hardest part, trying to pull the poop of their bottoms, they make the most distressing cheeps...I tried earlier today and I couldn't do it. I'm waiting for my dad to get home so he can show me, he's really good at this sort of thing.

They're all downy feather, so light and fluffy! But that makes it easier for them to get killed. Last time we had chicks my brother was putting their waterer in the tub, and one ran under it just as he was setting it was a quick death. You have to watch the sleepy ones, because if they're tired all the time, that probably means they are going to die. So far we haven't lost a single one.

Aaaand...both my cats are pregnant. Yup. We were a little late on that spaying thing. We are going to have a house full of chicks and kittens! *weeeeeee!*

just a quick update...Bye!


Ali said...

Cool! My family raises chicks too. We got ours in a couple of months ago, so they are starting to get big. What kind of chickens do you raise?

puss-n'-boots said...

We got road island reds, bard rocks, giant blacks, aracondas, and pearl white leg horns.

Two years ago we ordered a rare breed mix, so we aren't sure of the breeds!

I want to start doing this as a business, chickens are so funny. And their easy, too.

What kind of chicks do you have?

Ali said...

Last year my family got about 20 Barred Rocks, and six Americuanas. Those where the first chickens we ever had. Unfortunately, we have an uncommonly bad fox problem, and only one of our original chickens survived.

When we ordered our chicks this year, we also got a Great Pyrenees puppy! And lo and behold, no more fox problems!

When you say as a business, do you mean sell the eggs, or do you butcher the chickens? My family just uses the eggs.

puss-n'-boots said...

hmmm...probably both. Were I live, naturally raised chicken meat and eggs are in high demand. My little town is full of ‘peace seekers’, vegetarians, that kind of thing. Our
Co- Op supermarket is always full, and the farmer’s market is doing well.

I’m leaning toward butchering, though. I would have too many chickens at one time if I did it for the eggs.

Aww. I hate talking about this while they’re cheeping in the background

Americaunas. Thank you. I guess I didn't hear my sister very well, i thought she said 'anaconda'.

puss-n'-boots said...

Oh yeah, my dad bought an Anatolian shepherd, so we never have to worry about animals either.

I'll look up your puppy to see what it looks like...

~ said...

You can see pictures of our puppy at my blog. I just started the blog a few days ago, so I'm still learning how to do a lot of things. If it tells you my name is "~" ignore it. I need to fix some things.


Ali said...

hmmm. Sorry, my blog is throwing fits. Actually it's probably my own inexperience, but anyways,somehting is not working right. I'll post a link if I get it fixed.

Meanwhile, it's been nice talking to you. It's always fun talking to fellow poultry people. (by the way, I found your blog off of The Rebelution)